13 Aug

Packets Matter When Combating Advanced Attacks

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Let’s accept this as a fact: your cyber defenses ARE going to be breached. Sony, Home Depot, Target, Anthem, the U.S. OPM – these are just some examples of the many data breaches that have made recent headlines. And it’s not for lack of investment. Millions upon millions of dollars are being..

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06 Aug

Context is King

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16 Jul

Big Data Security Analytics: Making the Impossible Possible

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07 Jul

The 2015 Red List

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The 2015 Red List report is out and I’m excited to see that Niara got a special call out in the report. According to the report, the number one problem faced by security practitioners is logging and analytics. And, per the report, the headway that Niara has made into true machine learning and..

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24 Jun

Is More Always Better?

in All About the Data, Blog, Perspectives

There will always be pros and cons about “Is more always better?” but in the context of cyber security, I believe that more information is always better. That’s because more information about attacks, user actions, behaviors, etc., provides security practitioners with what they need to more..

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19 Jun

Can You See Them Now?

in All About the Data, Blog, Technology

Those of us with less than perfect 20/20 vision know the drill – sit in the chair and try to read the last line of characters on the eye chart while the optometrist flips through a set of lenses. The relief in the “aha” moment where you can actually see the characters is palpable.

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09 Jun

Finding the “Magic Four"

in Blog, Perspectives

Now that Niara has officially launched, I want to talk more about the power and completeness behind the vision for our product and our company. Today, I thought I would answer the big question that people have asked me many times upon joining Niara, "Why Niara?" Furthermore, "What does Niara have..

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02 Jun

Niara Arrives!

in Blog, Corporate, Industry News

It was just 18 months ago when Niara’s founding team walked into an empty office with our Series A funding, a shared vision, and little else. Well, here we are – our office no longer feels empty, our vision has steadily morphed into reality and we closed our Series B funding earlier this year...

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28 May

Real Security Begins and Ends with People

in Blog, Lessons Learned, Perspectives

In the mad rush to apply new technologies to tough security problems, the forgotten element is often the security staff that holds everything together. We have to chuckle when we see big data security players claiming, “no human intervention required!” Really?

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12 May

Moneyball, Cyber Security and Big Data

in All About the Data, Blog, Perspectives, Technology

Now that the baseball season is upon us (Go Giants!), thoughts of course turn to…technology???

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