See Niara’s Modular, Data-Agnostic Analytics in Action at RSA Conference 2016

01 Mar

See Niara’s Modular, Data-Agnostic Analytics in Action at RSA Conference 2016

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by Nikfar Khaleeli

Last week, we announced the industry’s first modular and data-agnostic behavioral analytics with our enhanced security analytics platform. This week, we are at booth number 3135 at RSA Conference 2016 showcasing our hard work and performing live demos of the Niara platform. To give you a better idea of what you’ll see, check out the image below which displays the results of Niara’s behavioral analytics applied to a user’s login activity.


Here, Niara provides detailed information about automatically identified anomalous login behavior for a user named kwilliams. The automatically calculated baseline that Niara maintains for kwilliams shows that he normally logs in from one to two devices, signified by the blue bars. However, as highlighted by the yellow bar, one day he logs in from 16 devices – clearly this is unusual behavior and worthy of further investigation. And flagging the anomaly is only one of our capabilities. Niara provides analysts with easy access to a lot more information, including full forensic context into the specific alert in question (e.g., the names of the different hosts from which kwilliams has logged in), making incident investigation and triage that much easier.

This is just a snapshot of the wealth of information Niara makes available to security analysts. Modular and data-agnostic means that companies can apply Niara’s multi-dimensional analytics to any data source, not just the ones supported out of the box by a specific solution, and adapt behavioral analytics modules to their unique environments. We encourage you to come by booth number 3135 at RSA Conference 2016 this week to see for yourself how Niara is making anomaly detection and incident investigation and triage easier. Your security team will thank you!

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