Finding the “Magic Four"

09 Jun

Finding the “Magic Four"

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by Chris Peterson

Now that Niara has officially launched, I want to talk more about the power and completeness behind the vision for our product and our company. Today, I thought I would answer the big question that people have asked me many times upon joining Niara, "Why Niara?" Furthermore, "What does Niara have that is so advanced?” The answer really falls into four key attributes that I consider to be must haves, my “Magic Four.”

In Numerology, the number four resonates with the vibrations and energies of practicality, organization, trust-worthiness, endurance, building solid foundations, tecttermination, production and hard work. Number four also relates to high morals, traditional values, honesty and integrity, security and loyalty.

When considering an organization that I would spend 80 hours a week working for, working with and placing my trust in, the below were the four crucial questions that I needed to answer.

  1. What culture do I want to promote and be a part of?

Upon meeting our CEO Sriram Ramachandran, we first talked about culture before we even touched on any other aspects of the company. Sriram, and all the members of the senior staff, are building a customer-focused culture of integrity, innovation, employee development and retention in addition to customer loyalty. The idea is to build on these pillars and the rest will stack into place naturally. All of us at Niara are building a culture of "doing the right thing," being accountable and stretching ourselves to create delight with every customer.

  1. What talent is present on the team to help me succeed?

I've joined a team led by the most talented, security-minded professionals in the Silicon Valley. From the data scientists designing the product, to the engineers building the product, to the sales and marketing team tasked with telling the world what we do, they are all exemplary in their respective fields. Niara is capable of attracting smart, experienced and truly motivated people. More importantly, retaining them, as we build on the above-mentioned culture.

  1. Is the technology a best-in-breed offering that can be sold with confidence and conviction? And can we build long-standing relationships with customers and partners as a result?

The security analytics market is currently a crowded space. Messages are being communicated across the internet containing product claims around User Behavior Analysis (UBA), threat hunting, alert prioritization and incident investigation. But all of these are just features when considered individually. (Really, who needs another point product in their security infrastructure?) However, when elegantly engineered into a single solution along with machine learning and a well-designed user interface, it becomes very powerful.

My priority when looking for my next venture was finding an organization capable of producing a best-in-breed solution – technology that solves the aforementioned use cases and beyond. The Niara team has built this solution demonstrating a holistic approach to threat detection and incident investigation using superior converged analytics and forensics. With this best-in-breed solution in hand, and as the company and product grow, we have the opportunity to deepen our customer relationships by collaboratively advancing the solution to address the new threats appearing in the ever-changing security landscape.

  1. Does the company and the product play to my strengths?

I've built customer and channel relationships over the past 25 years doing business in a collaborative manner. I ask a lot of questions and always strive to deliver a valuable partnership experience. Niara gives me just that opportunity. I've joined a company and culture that I am proud to be a part of – a visionary company that has the committed talent and superior technology to solve the important problems facing enterprises today and far into the future.

Be sure to learn more about the company and to follow us on this exciting journey. Look us up at or follow us on Twitter. You’ll find a product and company committed to your success, delivering nothing less than a superior solution for your network and beyond your expectations.

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