Webinar on Using UEBA to Mitigate Email-Based Attacks

21 Jun

Webinar on Using UEBA to Mitigate Email-Based Attacks

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by Nikfar Khaleeli

Tomorrow, Niara is hosting a webinar titled “Using UBA to Detect Whaling, Ransomware and Other Crime Campaigns.” In the webinar, Vinay Pidathala, chief security researcher at Niara, will present the results of Niara’s research on how attackers are using emails to successfully perpetrate advanced attacks. Key findings include 1) spoofing of sender domains was the primary infection vector and 2) Microsoft Word documents with embedded macros were the first choice when an attacker was establishing their presence within target organizations.

In his research, Pidathala discovered that attackers are using a number of different techniques to compromise organizations, and in the webinar he will explore the five techniques that are the most effective – whaling, ransomware, crimeware, remote access Trojan (RAT) and credential phishing. The webinar will also discuss how behavioral analytics helped uncover the attacks and what one should look for to determine whether attackers are using these techniques within your organization.

Despite being an old cyber-attack technique, email-based crime campaigns are remarkably effective. Attackers are exploiting users’ behaviors to bypass rule- and signature-based defenses and establish a presence within organizations with ease. It’s imperative to detect these attacks early and limit their impact because the stakes are high (e.g., MedStar Health turns away patients after likely ransomware cyberattack) and the penalties real (e.g., CEO sacked after aircraft company grounded by whaling attack).

Join us tomorrow to learn how user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) can help.

Tags: Blog, Corporate, Lessons Learned