Niara Welcomes PetaSecure

05 May

Niara Welcomes PetaSecure

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by Sriram Ramachandran

Living and working in Silicon Valley, I’m struck by how serendipitous events often lead to unexpectedly positive outcomes and that is the story of what happened when we met Dhiraj Sharan and Larry Lunetta. Over a year earlier, we had founded Niara with a bold vision: to provide organizations with a data-driven approach for detecting and investigating threats through a combination of advanced analytics and forensics techniques. It turned out that that Dhiraj, Larry, and team had begun PetaSecure with an identical vision, although they were taking a complementary approach. They had incubated their company through the Cisco Entrepreneur in Residence program and were contemplating their next step. It quickly became obvious that we should combine forces and Niara acquired PetaSecure shortly thereafter.

In the relatively short time since, it has become clear that this is one of the smarter decisions that we’ve made in our young history. The PetaSecure team has brought a combined 20 years of rich domain experience in the SIEM space, adding to our existing strengths in building network security products. We’re pleased that we’ve been able to expand our vision with the PetaSecure team to redefine security monitoring and analytics. Our unique approach, focused on fusing disparate data sources to provide reduced time-to-discovery and enhanced context and insight will make it easier for security teams to thread together the most important needles in their security haystacks.

We’ve been busy preparing for Niara’s forthcoming product launch later this quarter. We’d love to talk to you about our beta program and how we can help keep your organization secure with our new approach. If you’re interested in learning more, please get in touch!

Tags: analytics, Blog, Corporate, forensics, Industry News, PetaSecure